total random blogging!!!

bored...am so bored...hate working on site..coz first, it's far from home and secondly, there's no one here to gossip with...well there's always oihana but not really that close to her..she's a quiet person herself...so the ice still hasn't broken yet between us even though its been like months...granted, i only come here once a week sumtimes..

if at the office i'd have rita whom i can gossip with, izah whom i can complain bout the guys in Malay, and corse i'd be able to slag the guys as well...sugarplum always cheers up my day with his antics..sugarplum is Ian btw..he is such a funny guy...

the weather today is so crazy...it was totally windy on my way in this morning...i could barely walk straight coz the wind keep knocking me to the side...

i hope that i'd be able to see sweeeny todd this week..was gonna watch it last week but my dearest roommate had to pengsan on her bed..so hopefully this week there won't be any pengsaning action done...

am missing my sister terribly at the moment...i need a hug from her...i juz feel like holding her tight right now and not letting go...feel like putting my head on her shoulder and crying my heart out..kakya, adik rindu kakya!


  1. roomie,
    i pengsan for a reason ok.hoho.
    lets sweeney tood tonite.yeay!

  2. meant to sy sweeney todd.huhu.

  3. sigh... missing you much sis! I really wish you were here. LA would have been a blast together. It's alright, but it's definitely a huge move. It's hard and I'm not used to being helpless. It's a lesson learnt.