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Camel Cardi

This wool cardigan has been my go-to outerwear when the days have been chilly. Since it's wool it does keep me warm and I love the minimal design of it. Simple with no frills at all.

The whole look in itself is simple and minimal really. I decided to keep it casual with my loose jeans and a black body suit.

I got to say, Uniqlo has been churning out some good stuff this season. This wool cardigan is a bit on the pricier side but I can see myself wearing this for a long time. It's a timeless piece. 


Neutral Musings

I've been doing my OOTD's in video form lately and I hope you guys don't mind. I had a day out in Sydney last weekend and I kept things pretty neutral with a camel sweater and black trousers. Simple at its best. Check out the video below for the outfit details.


Denim Midi Skirt

I've been on the hunt for a denim midi skirt. The one that I had in mind was a button down A-Line midi. However, scouring the world of online shopping, I just couldn't find one that I liked.

This midi skirt, I found at a local Red Cross. Now I know it isn't a button down nor is it A-line, but after trying it on, I actually liked how it look. I also liked the blue tone of this denim skirt. It had a classic blue denim colour that just wouldn't go out of style.

With the weather being temperamental lately, I paired this skirt with this long sleeve top from Uniqlo. This top matched well with the navy stripes. 


Status Anxiety Plunder Bag

It's been a few months since I purchased this bag and I thought it was a decent enough time for the me to do a bag review on it. If you've been contemplating on purchasing this bag from Status Anxiety, check out my video below to see what my thoughts are on it.

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Relax & Comfort

Another weekend wardrobe that centres around 2 words, relaxed and comfortable. There's really no other words for it and the fact that these pants are from Uniqlo's Relaco range, it just seems fitting.

I bought these pants in Singapore but I can't seem to find this in the Australian Uniqlo site. I wished I had bought a few more with different designs because the material is really nice. I might get a couple more when I go back to Singapore in April but by then it'll start to get cold and I don't think it's suitable for the cold season.

If you live in a hot country or you're approaching summer weather, then definitely keep an eye out for this range at your local Uniqlo. And no, this post ain't sponsored. I wish it was but it's just a free plug for Uniqlo. 


Attempt at Vintage Dressing

I'm going to file this post under my "not too sure if I really pulled it off" label. I love seeing people wear vintage dresses and the best example would definitely be Alexa Chung. She wears vintage dresses like no other. Somehow she's able to make wearing a vintage dress a statement piece and yet relatable in an everyday setting. It sets her apart without being too over the top. 

Call this my failed attempt at emulating Alexa Chung but I couldn't resist this dress when I saw this at my local charity shop. The colour and the print of the dress is such a beauty. 

I don't usually go for a fitted dress and I think this is where it failed. I've never been able to pull off a fitted dress without looking too childish in it. I don't think I have the built for it. 

Maybe if I was taller a la Alexa, I would have been able to pull this dress off nicely. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful dress.


On a Basic Streak

I've been on a basics streak lately. Every time I grab something from the closet it's usually my wardrobe staples and nothing says wardrobe staples than my black t-shirt. 

This particular t-shirt,  I stocked up on 4 colours,white,gray,black and yellow. I'm pretty sure I've raved about this t-shirt in a previous post but let me just be like a broken radio and do it again. It's soft and lightweight. Drapes nicely on the body without being clingy. 

There are some weekends where all I want to wear is just t-shirt and jeans. This t-shirt doesn't look too shabby and help me look put together at the very least.