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Denim Midi Skirt

I've been on the hunt for a denim midi skirt. The one that I had in mind was a button down A-Line midi. However, scouring the world of online shopping, I just couldn't find one that I liked.

This midi skirt, I found at a local Red Cross. Now I know it isn't a button down nor is it A-line, but after trying it on, I actually liked how it look. I also liked the blue tone of this denim skirt. It had a classic blue denim colour that just wouldn't go out of style.

With the weather being temperamental lately, I paired this skirt with this long sleeve top from Uniqlo. This top matched well with the navy stripes. 


Status Anxiety Plunder Bag

It's been a few months since I purchased this bag and I thought it was a decent enough time for the me to do a bag review on it. If you've been contemplating on purchasing this bag from Status Anxiety, check out my video below to see what my thoughts are on it.

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Relax & Comfort

Another weekend wardrobe that centres around 2 words, relaxed and comfortable. There's really no other words for it and the fact that these pants are from Uniqlo's Relaco range, it just seems fitting.

I bought these pants in Singapore but I can't seem to find this in the Australian Uniqlo site. I wished I had bought a few more with different designs because the material is really nice. I might get a couple more when I go back to Singapore in April but by then it'll start to get cold and I don't think it's suitable for the cold season.

If you live in a hot country or you're approaching summer weather, then definitely keep an eye out for this range at your local Uniqlo. And no, this post ain't sponsored. I wish it was but it's just a free plug for Uniqlo. 


Attempt at Vintage Dressing

I'm going to file this post under my "not too sure if I really pulled it off" label. I love seeing people wear vintage dresses and the best example would definitely be Alexa Chung. She wears vintage dresses like no other. Somehow she's able to make wearing a vintage dress a statement piece and yet relatable in an everyday setting. It sets her apart without being too over the top. 

Call this my failed attempt at emulating Alexa Chung but I couldn't resist this dress when I saw this at my local charity shop. The colour and the print of the dress is such a beauty. 

I don't usually go for a fitted dress and I think this is where it failed. I've never been able to pull off a fitted dress without looking too childish in it. I don't think I have the built for it. 

Maybe if I was taller a la Alexa, I would have been able to pull this dress off nicely. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful dress.


On a Basic Streak

I've been on a basics streak lately. Every time I grab something from the closet it's usually my wardrobe staples and nothing says wardrobe staples than my black t-shirt. 

This particular t-shirt,  I stocked up on 4 colours,white,gray,black and yellow. I'm pretty sure I've raved about this t-shirt in a previous post but let me just be like a broken radio and do it again. It's soft and lightweight. Drapes nicely on the body without being clingy. 

There are some weekends where all I want to wear is just t-shirt and jeans. This t-shirt doesn't look too shabby and help me look put together at the very least.


Battling the Heat

I've been rocking my glasses the past few days. Not because I wanted to but because I had to. I woke up one day to a swollen eye! It's been awhile since I had a swollen eye, but I knew it was going to last a few days and I had to stop wearing contacts until it subsides. 

Putting swollen eye aside though, the topic of conversation lately around here has been about the heat! We've been having a crazy weather lately with the heat and it's especially sweltering this weekend. 

With the heat, cotton clothing items are the best choice. You're probably thinking, yes to cotton but why the long sleeve top? Even though it's hot, this kind of heat puts me off, sleeveless, camisoles or off the shoulder tops. If I had put on one of those, I'll definitely get burnt from the intensity of the sun. This top was great, it's cotton so it kept me cool and the long sleeve help protect my skin from the sun. 

To add a bit more summery vibe to the look, because I have to admit a button down doesn't really say summer to me, I paired the top with this white shorts. It has this beautiful eyelet embroidery edge which gives the look a more summer vibe.