weekend blogging

it's only a couple of days left before the Eid celebration..but, frankly am just not feeling it rite now...hhhmmm, probly not yet..it mite come on later on...

Elis has gone back home so i'll be roomateless for 2 months..oh wait i forgot Et will be my roomate again for awhile...she's gone back home too..but only for 3 weeks tho...to celebrate the upcoming Eid wit her family...

the weekend has been a quiet one really wit everyone going back home...went to mynn's house on saturday..had dinner there...

was planning to go out for a movie today to watch 'The Women'..well, that didn't happen..but we did go out to send my phone back to meteor to have it repaired...so rite now i am uncontactable(am making up words here as i go along) by phone for probably like ten days...ten days without a phone!!! geezz, i am so screwed!

anyone got an extra phone for me to borrow for the mean time?!!!

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  1. take mine :)
    dlm the box tp kene unlock la..hehe..