Home alone...

Usually after a long hiatus of blogging ppl would usually start off a post by typing
'Lots have been happening lately'..well in my case dat doesn't apply..

Nuthin much has been goin on..raya has been raya..blergh! nuthin much to say really..
dun even have any pics to post since i didn't even feel like taking any pics..

Syah has gone back home to M'sia to attend a certain 'wedding'...i hope u guys have a blast and dun forget to take loads of pics..Syah kalo ade bunga telur..bwk balik sini satu!! :p

So since she's gone home..i am basically home alone..it's been quiet at nite..first nite of staying home alone, i had a couple of frenz txting me n trying to scare me..thanx a lot guys!!

Cant wait for the weekend..hope it'll b a good one!!