D one that am glad I didn't miss...

This is probably outdated..but hey it's my blog and i'll post it if I want to...

Went to watch The Fray and they were freakin awesome....Isaac's voice is so great live I think I could just fall in love with just his voice..

We barely managed to get tickets to them but even by seating in the upper circle section and they still can hyped me up, I can't just imagine if i was in the standing section..ah defo worth it..

so enjoy the video of them far far away n yet can still sound so good...

you can close ur eyes n just listen if you want to..

btw, ignore it if you hear sum squeaky voice in the background :p

edit: alah takleh upload lak video..takpelah..korang bace je larr eh on how i think they are amazing.hihihi

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