long overdue...


this is one long overdue update...basically, i am already back in Malaysia..things were a bit hectic the first few weeks..now it has slowed down a bit...not to say that i am not busy..god i still am...

the first week was busy with doing stuff like doing my i.c and drivers license *note to self: don't let ppl pickpocket ur bag when u visit milan again..if u do larr*, opened a bank account and other basic things like that..

then of course had to do a bit of a shopping for my graduation...i liked the suit that i bought..good investment for my wardrobe capsule..coz god knows how long ave been trying to find a suit that would actually fit my body...

after that, ave been going back and forth from penang to putrajaya...for job interviews *chet! ckp mcm byk tapi 2 jerr...*, settling in into the new place in putrajaya...well hopefully i'd be able to settle in at the new place by the end of the month...alamak!!nak kena get used to driving there la plak...takut wey!! dahla tak familiar jalan...pastu org m'sia rase cam bwk laju giler larr*thinks about adura*

job hunting plak has been a bit slow...wanna know why??coz broadband connections is slow...dammit!!takpe, takpe hopefully biler pindah putrajaya, streamyx laju sket..ye ke??? hhhmmmm

and b'coz of the internet connection being slow..i've lagged off on x factor!!!!waaarggghhhhh!!! updates from reading the dubliner's status on Facebook jerr
:( ....TV3.ie plak tak leh streaming outside Ireland..hhmmpphh!!

ok lah..hopefully, i'll remember to update again...nak kena gi job hunting :P

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  1. woww..update! ;)
    grad pics?

    btw,good luck with the job hunting Adaaaa!