hey..am back..after 5 days in Terengganu..doing things dat we were told to do...in the early days of the week they focused more on the physical training side of things...by the 2nd and 3rd day..my legs mostly were aching..lupe plak nak bwk minyak angin...but after that ok dah sket..it was hard but i kinda like it..pushing myself to do physical things..maklumlah dulu in school PE dapat 'd'...so to be able to do it, mcm hebat jugak larr to me :P

All in all, i liked it, coz i get to meet new people..plus tak sunyi biler balik mlm2 sbb ader roommate..kalo dkt putrajaya, i'd come back to an empty home...

hopefully, my weekend dis week would be full of activities as well...

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  1. ada, g terengganu x g beach ke?heeeee.
    n what is it with him?haha.whoever that is.cle