~la la la la~

You know those crowds that listens to indie song, are totally witty with their words, always coming up with some insightful,soul-searching quotes, reads books that are meaningful and are totally laidback...i used to envy them...hmmph, wait i think i still do at times...

Coz they seem like such a cool crowd, opiniated...not usually maintsream but knows the cool things that are below the radar...ahh, you know wat am trying to say right??

I remember back in my high school days,majority of my frens in high school were those types...I had fun with them, I have good memories with them..but looking back I now realise that they were just a way for me to fit in with the crowds in school...I remember trying to listen to the songs that they like,but, yea well not to my taste...Some indie artist I do like but I have to admit my knowledge is limited, I love Nada Surf and Kate Voegele and a few others but apart from that I know nuthing much (all are influences from OTH! Holla!)

Witty with words, funny?? Never gonna be that...Am just an individual that can appreciate the wittiness, sarcasm and thoughtful words of others...hey, I have Soraya and Afiq as siblings.....one is witty and thoughful with words(journalism major so i expect nuthin less) and another is sarcastic like hell (apparently he has loads of pent up anger, but its mellowing down nowadays)..so imagine living with them every single day...

Ok now where was I? hhmmmm, rite the 'cool crowd'...yea, I realise now, that am never gonna be that...and I don't mind coz am content with the way I am...some mite not get it tho' but they don't have to...am still gonna like what I like..I may not listen to indie artists, watch indie movies, or quote some random insightful thoughts...am still gonna be the girl who loves my doses of hip-hop and r&b, korean/japanese related stuff (ever listened to epik high??), hindi movies, kung fu movies and sappy romance novels with everything rainbow-ish and fluffy (judith mcnaught ppl!)...and I don't mind...coz these are my form of 'escape'..

It makes me happy....

Ok , i just realised I don't really have a point to this post..but I dont care...am still gonna post it....

~la la la la~


  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean. Because I feel that way too!

    And OTH rocks!

  2. Haha..yea..totally! can't wait for the new season to be out..oh wait, or is it out already?