.....A start of a new journey....

It has been more than a year...*brushes away cobwebs and dusts*

Lama kan? :)

I did say in my last post that when I find something worthwhile to blog about then I will..

A lot of things has happened within the past year..I've been at my lowest of low that I could ever be..I had happy moments though along the way..and these moments are usually the ones that I have with my wonderful family and friends..

This year alone though I've changed jobs, god knows how many times...and yet till now, there is still something missing..and I have yet to figure out what it is...

And I hope my journey to Australia will help me somehow figure things out...I will be continuing with my Masters in University of Wollongong, Australia..I'm sure that most of you would know that by now...

My intentions were always there to continue with my studies..I just didn't think that it would be this soon...but I guess if I don't do it now, I'd probably be procrastinating and always putting it off...

I am excited to go for so many reasons..but one of the main reasons would be because I have always wanted to experience studying in a proper University...those who studied with me in my college years would definitely understand i think...the whole Uni with and awesome courtyard and you can see students sitting there with their books propped on their lap..

I am also excited because of the fact that I have never been to Australia...honestly, before this, I have never been inclined to want to go there..somehow going to Europe or the States always seemed to be more exciting..but now I can't help but feel excited and yet apprehensive at the same time..

I have been slowly crossing off things to do on my checklist. Next on it :

1. Visa (I have done my part, the rest is up to the Oz immigration dept, I hope it goes well)
2. Accommodation (ok yg nie mmg buat pening kepala but thank god, i got someone there who is able to look at the places on my behalf)
3. Flight tickets (will do this once my visa and accommodation is settled)

If there's anything else I'm missing out..please let me know...

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