......7 Days...

7 days...there's 7 days left..
In exactly 7 days my feet would touch Aussie land..

I'm excited about it... scared about it too..but yea maybe its a good kind of scared like someone said..

I honestly don't know what to expect...I'm afraid that with my expectations, I'm probably thinking that it would be like going to Dublin....but this is another country altogether...a new place, with new people...no one that I know would be around..well, that'll probably be a lie since he will be there..but he'll be in another county?? so that doesnt count..

I think I'm most worried about the whole making new friends process..never been that good at it.. I guess this time I gotta make a change and actually learn and attempt to make small talk..I'm guessing that going there would force me to make some changes in my life which I hope would be for the better..and it helps when you've got a great support system, be it near or far, with you..

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