The Hunter Valley Gardens

So last Saturday was spent at the Hunter Valley Gardens. We saw online that the Gardens would have an ice skating rink set up and we thought, why not? Plus I, myself have never been to the Gardens yet.
I decided to do an outfit of the day and also some vlogging. Since blogger is being such an a** and won't let me embed my video, I'll just insert the link then. Do check it out!
We went with another family as they have never been there as well.
Since it’s winter, the flower displays was not that amazing, but I think that come spring, it would look amazing! I might make it a point to go again during Spring.
The ice-skating rink was kinda small. There were lots of people so they had to arrange entry by sessions. Time limit was 20 mins which was a bummer. Too bad really. 
But my favourite part of the Gardens was the StoryBook garden which had figurines depicting the many nursery rhyme or story books. 
All and all it was a good weekend!

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