2 necklace and a bangle

I seldom buy stuff full price. I would always browse the sale section first. Even when I browse online stores, the sale tab would be the first click!

I think that's one of the reason my husband loves me. Apparently to him, I am 'low maintenance' (his words, not mine). He deduced this over the facts that I just love thrifting and getting stuff in a bargain. Mmm, maybe he is right. :p

Anyways, I digress.

Went to Charlestown last week, Diva had a sale on. Went in empty handed. Came out with 3 items. All under $10. Well. $8 to be exact. Not too bad.

The bangle would be a nice and simple touch to an outfit. I loved the knotted necklace. It has a presence without being too out there. The other necklace? I just liked the design of the pendant, plus the chain was uber long.