Weekend Wardrobe 2014 #2

It's a day for a birthday party! A 4 year old birthday party to be exact. The mother informed that the theme would be blue and orange.

Blue? Checked! Orange? Mmmm a bit of a trouble there. I did not have an orange top that would be appropriate for a toddlers birthday party. I had to settle for my orange sandals (unfortunately, since we are Asians, I wouldn't be wearing them inside the house, thus defeating the purpose :p ).

Overall, I thought it was good. The outfit was comfortable enough with an understated chicness (I'd like to think so anyways :p ).

Top : Cotton On , Trousers : ASOS , Necklace : Diva , Bracelet : Diva , 
Bag : Forever 21 , Sandals : Jusco

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