One Mile Beach, Anna Bay

Last Sunday we went to the One Mile Beach in Anna Bay to do a bit of a trailwalk.
I have to admit the trailwalks was not that great. It was really short.We could have gone further I guess but, the trails weren't clear enough for us to discern and Haleem did not want to take the chance because we are not in anyway experienced hikers. What we did instead was, from the trail, we made it towards the side of the cliff and started to hike on the rocks instead. Now that was fun!

We made it towards the end of the cliff. When we made it there, we could see there was a ravine. My husband was here before with friends to do some rock climbing. We thought of crossing the waters to make it to the other side but we didn't want to take the chance.
After enjoying the scenery for awhile, we headed back. This time, instead of going through the rocks and on the to trailwalk halfway through, we decided to just go through the rocks all the way to the beach. Some areas of the rocks were flat but some parts we had to really climb our way through.

We ended with a dip in the beach before heading home. While it was just it short trip, it was definitely an awesome way to spend our Sunday!

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