Mini Thrift Haul #3

Went to Salvos last week. Got some stuff for $14, which wasn't too bad. I especially loved the tweed coat, the squirrel jumper, the yellow handbag, the embroidered top and the flowy cardigan. Ok, ok, I am happy with all that I bought :p

I might need to alter a couple of pieces though like the coat and the embroidered top for a better fit. But even if unaltered I think I can still pull them off.

Seriously though, that tweed coat, isn't it a beaut? And its navy!

On a side note, I've been following the news of MH370 as I'm sure all have been as well. Even when I am not directly affected by it, there is a mixture of emotion going on. And while I might not know what to say at times like this, I know that my prayers would still count and that is what I will continue to do. #prayforMH370

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