Well, Hello there Daniel!

Remember my previous Valentine's Day wishlist post which I did purely just for the fun of it? Well I got my hands on one of the items *squuueeeaaalllllllll*. This is to be my 1 year anniversary/valentines day gift from my husband.

In natural light
 In natural light

See the thing is my husband wanted to get me something for our 1st anniversary, but being the picky person that I am, he just did not have a clue what to get me. So I told him, just hold on to the thought and if something comes to mind, I'll let him know about it.

I was saving up to get a bag and I thought I would get him to top up a bit. Then after some long and hard thinking I decided to go for this Daniel Wellington watch instead. Firstly, its less pricey and secondly, I know I would get more use out of it than a designer bag. DW watch it is then.

Luck came rolling in earlier this week when, The Iconic was giving out discount codes. I saved $25 on this baybeh! Happy days! and happy husband too :p .

Anyways, enough ramblings and on to the watch itself. There were 2 things that attracted me to this watch. #1, was the simplicity of the clock face design. It was classic and timeless. I would have preferred gold but it only came with rose gold. Plus, I have never had anything in rose gold so this would be a nice change from my usual silver and gold. #2, is the leather strap. I don't have a watch with leather strap, making it a good addition to my watch collection.

And the best part is........... I don't have to resize the strap!!!

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