Collective Fashion Haul : Front Row Shop, ASOS, The Iconic & Mikkat Market

Ok, so this is a collective one. In no way did I buy all these in one go! I think my husband would get a heart attack if did! *knock on wood*

As always, most of the items in this haul were bought on sale. Honestly, I rarely buy stuff full price. When I go to a store I usually head to the Sale section or click on the Sale tab. Even if it is full price, I would always have a discount code handy. Yup, I'm a bargain hunter.

What is even amazing is, Australia, has the opposite season to the northern hemisphere and most online stores follow the northern hemisphere. This means knits and coats are on sale for them, while our cold season is just starting! 

Some of the items were already worn, so you might have seen them in previous lookbooks or outfit posts. I thought I would still include them anyways.

Check it out and let me know which items you liked.

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