Weekend Wardrobe #15 : Prints in Nature

If you've been following me on Instagram, you might know that for the Easter Weekend we made a trip down to Merimbula.If you have not yet then don't forget to subscribe below. I'll be doing separate posts on the trip itself and the outfits that I wore out. 
Since we were driving down from Newcastle to Merimbula (which is an 8 hour drive!) I had to make sure that I was dressed comfortably. And these printed pants were definitely comfy!

I maintained the colour scheme of the pants by playing with silver, black and grays. The black sleeveless top had small pleats all over it which adds a bit of texture to the outfit. Honestly though, this thrifted top would be going to the bins soon. While I like the texture and fit, it was rubbing me the wrong way around the sleeve area. Too bad really.

These shots were taken at the Piper Lookout on the way down to Merimbula. I'll end the post with a pic of the beautiful view.

Pants : Milktee , Top : Thrifted , Cardigan : Bought in Indonesia , 
Silver Sandals : Spurr , Knotted Necklace : The Iconic 

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