Storage Solutions : DIY Necklace Storage

I had trouble with storing my necklace previously, but it's all sorted now, yeeaahhh!!

This was how I previously kept my necklaces. Hidden in the inside of my wardrobe. Sometimes it gets in the way of getting my outfits and on top of that my collection was growing, thus, it kept falling. There wasn't just enough space on those little white stick on hooks. I knew I had to come up with another way to store 'em necklaces.

I was browsing through pinterest and there were some awesome ideas to store and display necklaces. Some were amazing but required a bit more effort than I wanted to put in. Yeah, yeah, I'm lazy like that :p . Others were simple enough but were not to my liking.

The one that I liked had put up like a single towel rack, and just used 's' hooks. I loved that idea so much but I wasn't going to drill a hole and put up a towel rack. One, I'm renting, two, too much work. So I decided to go for a wooden hanger instead.

Above items were all that I need to make it work. Bought at the dollar store except for the blue tack which I had lying around at home. I just hung the wooden hanger on an existing nail in our room. Used quite a bit of blue tack to keep it firmly in place. Add the 's' hooks and started hanging my necklaces.

I think it's nice, if I do say so myself. Additionally, it acts as a nice display for the wall that used to be bare. I also get to see my necklace options clearly instead of it hidden in my wardrobe.

So what do you make of it and how do you store your necklaces?

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