Tasty Bites : Rice Noodles with Vegetable Soup

What do you do when you are bored with eating rice and you've got leftover soup? Add rice noodles to it, of course. What else!

Ok, so this isn't exactly vegetable soup per se. I added eggs and some prawns to the mix. You can always just opt those out. Haleem did not want to eat just plain vegetable soup so I just boiled some prawns and added that later.

I was getting tired of just eating rice everyday, so that's why we decided for rice noodles instead.
The soup itself is fairly simple. I just stir fried a few spoonful of ginger+garlic paste. Added some vegetable or chicken stock powder and added in water. When the water came to boil, then I add the vegetables. Carrots first of course, with some chilli slices, crushed black pepper and salt to season. After the carrot has softened a bit, then in goes the pak choy. Let it simmer for awhile and that's it!

Both combo went well. Finished the bowl with a happy tummy.

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