Weekend Wardrobe #31 : White Out

It was a glorious day and it felt like Spring was in the air. Going white on white seemingly felt appropriate.

However, an all white outfit can be a bit stark so I pared it down with my trusty grey cardigan. Picking up the slight blue tint of the t-shirt graphic, I decided to empahise on it with a blue bag and loafers. Accessories as always are kept to a minimal.

I once read that, an easy way to create an outfit is to focus on 2-3 colours and you'll never go wrong. While I think that does make it easy, colour combination is also important. It is important to chose colours that complements each other and not just some random picking. 

Moving on, I thought I would do a quick first impression of the Sofina 2.1 bag. There was a lot of hype over this bag and I decided to jump on the bandwagon when they came out with the final instalment. 

I was contemplating between black or blue, and blue won instead. The colour is nice and rich. The material is durable as an everyday bag. Since it's durable, the material is harder making it less slouchy than I would have liked. Maybe as time goes on the hardness might wear off.  It was also bigger than I expected but bigger is better, right? The bag came with 2 long straps, one plain and one studded. The studded one would never see the light of day, so I'm glad there is a plain strap to go with it.

All and all, I'm liking the Sofina 2.1. It makes a great everyday bag and I'm pretty sure if I'm making a trip to Sydney or traveling anywhere else, this would be my bag choice. 

It also added a nice finishing touch to the outfit, don't you think so?  

T-Shirt : Cotton On , Jeans : Gap , Cardigan : Boutique from Bandung, Indonesia , Loafers : Charles & Keith ,
Bag : Sofina 2.1 from FashionValet , Watch : Daniel Wellington , Sunnies : Jeepers Peepers from ASOS

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