Weekend Wardrobe #33 & #34 : Movie Night + Beach Walk

Weekend Wardrobe usually comes in a picture blog post. However, I thought I would change it up a bit and do a mash up of both days in 1 video. 

Weekend Wardrobe #33 : Movie Night
We went out to watch TMNT that night. I'm trying to get more wear of my leather trousers before spring/summer truly hits Newcastle. I paired it with the gorgeous blush top with embroidery on the front and pleats at the back. The rest were kept simple. Chucked on a grey cardigan, just in case it gets cold.

Weekend Wardrobe #34 : Beach Walk
Sunday was a beautiful day. It's also the day when we usually get our grocery shopping done. However, we did not want to miss out on the sun, so we went for a walk at the beach before heading off to Woolies. The Birkenstocks was out for the day and so was the striped dress. Threw on a blue cardigan because the wind can be a bit chilly. 

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