Weekend Wardrobe #39 : Ballerina Off-Duty Look

I decided to embrace my girly side with a skirt today. Ah well, to be honest, I was going to wear a different outfit but a staining incident with a dry shampoo hampered my intentions. Note to self; don't buy the dark dry shampoo.
This outfit makes me feel like a ballerina. It definitely is the skirt that makes it so. But of course, I did my own twist to it.

Putting my hair up, adding a bold necklace and the handbag gives a more polished look. I paired the skirt with a long sleeve black t-shirt top to match with the black band of the skirt. To contrast with the polished look, I pulled up the sleeves of the t-shirt and wore my Birkenstocks. It felt nice to be wearing something a little bit girly for a change and I even got a compliment from a lady in a furniture store!

Top : H&M (Old; one of their basics collection) , Skirt : Thrifted from Salvos , Bag : Kate Spade ,
Necklace : Sportsgirl , Watch : Daniel Wellington , Sandals : Birkenstock 'Gizeh'

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