Weekend wardrobe #43 : White Tee + Blue Jeans

White tee and blue jeans are pretty much a default outfit for everyone. However, as simple as it may sound, there are many variations of a white tee and blue jeans.
We were heading out to Sydney and I was at a lost on what to wear. I wanted to be comfy for my day trip there. Thus, defaulting to a white tee and blue jeans seems best. 

As previously mentioned, as simple as a tee and jeans sound, you can always draw on accessories to make it stand out. In my case here, I did so by pairing the outfit with a bright red scarf with a contrast of a blue bag. It was breezy in Sydney, so the scarf did not look out of place. I absolutely love this look. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it again soon.

Tee : Cotton On , Scarf : Gifted from MIL , Jeans : Mishkka (formerly Sixth Sense) ,
Sandals : Lipstik (Link) , Bag : FashionValet , Watch : Anne Klein , Sunnies : Cotton On

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