Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #6 : 2 in 1

In this Weekend Wardrobe post, I decided to combine 2 dresses in 1 outfit. Thus, the title. I have previously worn this dress on its own in my Summer Trip Lookbook post and also belted
I have always wanted to get a long vest.  I remember seeing Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook from ages ago rocking a long vest and I have been hunting for one since. However, I never managed to find one that I really liked. I thought this dress seems to work well as a vest substitute. 

With my clothing items, I try to think up of many different ways to wear them. Sometimes my ideas just doesn't cut it and sometimes, hey, it works! 

White Dress : Urban Outfitters, Black Dress : ASOS (Link), 
Sandals : Birkenstock (Link), Necklace : Diva, Sunnies : Raybans

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