Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #18 : Double the Dots

Here's a twofold for you! Nope. nope. Nothing is wrong with your vision. Yes, that's a whole bunch of dots that you're seeing in the outfit.
Initially, I thought this combination would be too overwhelming. Surprisingly, I think it works and it comes down to the difference in the patterns.

"What difference?? They're both covered in dots!"... is probably what you're thinking. But there are differences like the size of the dots and the inverted colours of the pattern and that's what makes it work. I wanted to tuck in the tee but decided to go for a half tuck instead. Makes it more relaxed for the weekend.

With the outfit being such a stand out on its own, I toned down accessories with just a watch and stud earrings.

Top : Topshop, Skirt : Bardot, Bag : DeadlyPonies (Link),
Sandals : Birkenstock (Link), Watch : Casio (Link)

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