June Favourites 2015 : A Mini Rave

I didn't want to do a favourites video for June because I feel it would be repetitive of my June Haul video. I can't help it, I just love every single item that I purchased! So I decided to scrap the video this month. However, I do have one item that I really, really wanted to share and it's this Trilogy Cream Cleanser.
When autumn/winter came, my skin started to feel a little bit dry. I realised that the cleansers that I had on hand was geared towards combating acne and contained salicylic acid. While these cleanser helped kept the spots at bay (for the most part) it also tend to dry out my skin.

Going into Priceline, I didn't specifically have this cleanser in mind. I thought I would have a browse through and see whichever caught my fancy. The Trilogy range caught my eye and I thought, you know what, I loved the Trilogy Rosehip Oil so much, why not try something else from their range. And boy, am I glad I decided to go for this cleanser.

This cleanser doesn't make my skin feel stripped of moisture. In fact, I feel like it hydrates my skin more. It also doesn't break me out which is a definite plus. The scent? Ooooh let me tell you about the scent. The scent of this cleanser is heavenly. It has the kind of scent that you would get when you go for a facial at one of those fancy spa. Aaahhhh, bliss!

I usually use this as a morning cleanser. Also on days when I'm at home and I don't have make up on which would have required a much heavier cleanser. 

I just can't rave about this product enough. Absolutely love it. If you are in the lookout for a cream cleanser that doesn't strip you skin of moisture and smells like a mini facial then check out the Trilogy Cream Cleanser.

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