What is 'Business Casual?' by Sheila Pham

If you’re like me, choosing the right outfit for a “business casual” event is a daunting task. How does one dress business, but casual? You want to look professional, but relaxed enough to walk around and mingle, but not too relaxed since after all, this IS a professional event.
I decide to consult some kickass female bosses on what business casual means to them. Lets break it down!

Sheila Pham

“Essentially, it is a 'relaxed version of your usual polished business attire'. For example, if you usually wear a suit and closed-toe pumps to the office, a more casual look would be dark washed jeans, a smart blouse and closed-toe flats.  If in doubt, the emphasis is always more on business than casual i.e. if you're always in jeans and t-shirt at work anyway, go for jeans, a fitted t-shirt and a smart jacket or blazer.” 
Heidi Nazarudin, Style Expert, Blogger and Public Speaker, TheAmbitionista.com

"I’m inspired by fashionable founders like Jessica Alba and Hillary Kerr who always put a creative spin on business casual for a polished and playful look."
Bridie Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, I Heart Savvy

“What I love most about business casual is that it allows me to wear pops of color to my professional attire! Sometimes if I am wearing black slacks and a neutral top, I’d wear something fun like a neon green belt.  If you’re going to add a pop of fun, remember to not go overboard. Simplicity is key.”
Aline Pham, Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Alinely.com

"Business casual for me encompasses the 3 F's - Fun, Feminine and Freeing! What I wear needs to not only make me feel good about myself but also be something I can move around in when I'm hosting or attending a party!”
Winter White, Founder and Creative Content Creator, WeekendsWithWinter.com

"Business casual to me is a great opportunity to let my personality shine through while also looking put together. My go-to business causal outfit starts with a pair of nice stretchy slim pants and pointed toe flats. I typically go for a pretty loose fitting top and stay away from cotton which tends to look cheap. I'm all about comfort coming first when choosing an outfit, even in a business setting.”
Stephanie Nielsen, Editor-In-Chief, TheTangerineDesert.com

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