Weekend Wardrobe 2015 #35 : Flower Print Kimono Cardigan

It was a sunny day and I swear, everywhere I turned, some chick would have a kimono cardigan one. It must have been 'World Kimono Cardigan Day' or just the sunny weather. 

I was glad I decided to wear this kimono cardigan that day. Since it was lightweight, it didn't feel suffocating for the weather and yet it helped protect my arms from the scorching sun. While I love it when the sun is out, the sun down under can be a bit more intense than I'm used to. This kimono cardigan managed to be functional and stylish at the same time.

Kimono : FrontRow Shop; T-shirt : Sporstgirls; Short : Witchery;
Shoes : Adidas 'Gazelle'; Bag : Pieces from ASOS

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