Tea Rose & Glow

I never realised just how much I love these NYX cream blushes until I hit pan on one of it. For my everyday look, I'm constantly reaching out for my BB creams. It's been awhile since I've used foundation. With BB creams, I find the formula of cream blushes blends in better with the formulation. Using cream blushes helps maintain the dewy finish of the BB cream. I also love using cream blushes before topping up with a powder blush to extend the longevity of my blusher.

I can't say that I'm an expert when it comes to cream blushes because the fact is, these 2 are the only cream blushes that I own. However, I love how it applies and I love the colour selection that I have. The bright pink tone of "Glow" might look daunting but on the cheeks it gives a pretty, flushed and healthy look. Whereas "Tea Rose" gives a bit more of a warm, natural look.

I would love to try out more cream blushes but I think I'll use these ones up first before trying out others.

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