Return of the Pink

Let us first address the huge elephant in the room, shall we? I finally got my hair cut short. I've been deliberating about cutting my hair short again for quite awhile. Long hair really does nothing for me. It tends to be frizzy, scraggly and limp. Because of that I tend to just tie up my hair and that leads to headaches and lots of hair fallout (which I don't need since my hair is thinning anyways!!). I'm glad that I cut it short but I can't really say I'm happy with this haircut because the lady cut it a bit more shorter than I wanted. But then again, it's just hair and it will grow back. In the mean time, I'll just work with it.

Moving on to the outfit. I've been seeing people styling pink a lot lately and this tone of pink is a colour that I can totally go for. This is actually on old top from a few years back. I'm glad that I still kept it because when I saw this colour popping up everywhere online, I thought, hey, I have that colour in my wardrobe too! I find this tone of blush pink works well paired with grey. The boyish haircut paired with this blush pink top creates a juxtaposition to the whole look.

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