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I've added some new stuff to my beauty arsenal over the past few months. A couple of these I've had the chance to use since, so I thought I would do a  bit of a review. The others are fairly new so it would be a bit of a first impression.

Jo Malone | English Pear & Freesia and Wood Sage & Sea Salt
These were a gift from my husband. Ok, fine, maybe I did prod him a bit towards the right direction but you get the gist. I fell in love with English Pear & Freesia awhile back when I bought it for my mom. Bought it since, finished a bottle and this is a repurchase. What I love about this scent is the perfect combination of floral and fruity. The English Pear has a rich and full fruity scent. While some fruity scent, can be a bit too sweet for me, the floral freshness of the freesias pulls it back from the borderline of being too sickeningly sweet.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a new one. When I first caught a whiff of this scent, it instantly reminded me of an old favourite scent of mine, Burberry The Beat. I loved that fragrance, it was my signature scent back in my Dublin days. When I went back to Malaysia I continued using that Burberry fragrance but after awhile I found that the fragrance in the hot and humid weather did not bode well. It started to give me a slight headache. Now, you're probably thinking, why would I want to buy a scent that was similar to the one that gave me a headache? This Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent, while similar to The Beat, it comes off a bit more fresher. The Beat's musky base gave me a slight headache while Wood Sage & Sea Salt dries down to a more fresher yet powdery base. Plus Australia is hot but not humid. So it's safe to say that the fragrance will work better here.

Lancome | Miracle Cushion in Beige Miel
I love cushion foundations. I find them very convenient. When I tried the L'oreal Nude Magique cushion, I loved the formula of the foundation. It was glowy and hydrating. However, the colour range was limited and the darkest shade did not match my skin tone that well. Since I really love the formula of the Nude Magique, I thought, great! I can splurge on the Lancome one which I have been eyeing for quite sometime. But surprise, surprise, the formula isn't the same!!! The Lancome one feels tacky and chalky to my liking. I was matched by the lady with the colour Beige Miel but this colour didn't quite match as it had a grey cast. Maybe Beige Peche would have been better as it has a yellow undertone. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with this product. I was hoping for a glowy, hydrating foundation with a better colour match. I didn't get any at all. To counter these problems, I would use the Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser as a first base and add on the Lancome foundation where I need more coverage. 

Estee Lauder | Advanced Night Repair
Before splurging on this serum, I've tried the Antipodes Worship Serum as well as Missha Time Revolution Night Repair which was touted as the same with the Estee Lauder ANR but at a lower price point. I loved both the serums and  I went through a few bottles over the years. When I finished my last drop of the Antipodes serum, I thought that I would finally splurge on the real deal. The hype on this product is definitely justified. It seems to pack a punch and is more potent that the other two. I would definitely repurchase this but it is good to know that if my budget is tight I can still fall back on the other two.

Antipodes | Aura Manuka Honey Mask
I haven't tried this long enough to give a full review but I can give my first impression on it. One word, heavenly! This mask has such a lovely scent, I wish I could just coat my whole body with this scent. I have 2 mask that I rotate, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask and the Face Shop Pore Care Pack (clay based). Unfortunately, I don't use the latter as much because my skin ends up feeling dry after rinsing it off. I didn't like that dry feeling. I wanted something that helps with blemishes and spots but does not leave my skin dry. I thought I would give this Antipodes mask a try as it claims to be cleansing and hydrating as well. After using it a couple of times, I can say that it does not leave my skin feeling dry after using it. While applying it, there's a slight tingling sensation, which I hope is the mask working its magic. After it dries up, I rinse it off and it leaves my skin feeling clean and supple. I'm not sure how effective it is with spots and blemishes as it's only been a couple of times, but it does leave my skin hydrated and with this lovely scent, this is one mask which I just want to apply over and over again.

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