Equine Print

I don't know what lucky streak I've been having lately but whenever I check out my local opshops, I've managed to grab some good stuff!

This shirt dress was picked up from my local Lifeline shop. I usually hit Salvos for my opshop hunts but I have to say Lifeline and Vinnies do have great items as well albeit a smaller selection. A smaller selection means I can rummage through the racks and inspect the clothing items properly instead of rushing through the numerous amount of clothes racks.

Out of all the clothing items there, this horse print shirt dress immediately caught my eye. I've been seeing a lot of this rusty colour around lately. I also love the colour combination of the print against the rusty colour. This dress has belt loops but I decided to forgo a belt because I love a loose silhouette.

I'm usually a bit picky with fabrics but in this case I decided to overlook the fact that this was polyester because of the cute print! Pairing this dress with my trusty Deadly Ponies sling bag seemed to be a fitting choice.

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