Attempt at Vintage Dressing

I'm going to file this post under my "not too sure if I really pulled it off" label. I love seeing people wear vintage dresses and the best example would definitely be Alexa Chung. She wears vintage dresses like no other. Somehow she's able to make wearing a vintage dress a statement piece and yet relatable in an everyday setting. It sets her apart without being too over the top. 

Call this my failed attempt at emulating Alexa Chung but I couldn't resist this dress when I saw this at my local charity shop. The colour and the print of the dress is such a beauty. 

I don't usually go for a fitted dress and I think this is where it failed. I've never been able to pull off a fitted dress without looking too childish in it. I don't think I have the built for it. 

Maybe if I was taller a la Alexa, I would have been able to pull this dress off nicely. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful dress.

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