Battling the Heat

I've been rocking my glasses the past few days. Not because I wanted to but because I had to. I woke up one day to a swollen eye! It's been awhile since I had a swollen eye, but I knew it was going to last a few days and I had to stop wearing contacts until it subsides. 

Putting swollen eye aside though, the topic of conversation lately around here has been about the heat! We've been having a crazy weather lately with the heat and it's especially sweltering this weekend. 

With the heat, cotton clothing items are the best choice. You're probably thinking, yes to cotton but why the long sleeve top? Even though it's hot, this kind of heat puts me off, sleeveless, camisoles or off the shoulder tops. If I had put on one of those, I'll definitely get burnt from the intensity of the sun. This top was great, it's cotton so it kept me cool and the long sleeve help protect my skin from the sun. 

To add a bit more summery vibe to the look, because I have to admit a button down doesn't really say summer to me, I paired the top with this white shorts. It has this beautiful eyelet embroidery edge which gives the look a more summer vibe.

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