Just another day in my life....

am due for another update since my soon-to-be ex-roomie is updating her blog...well a promise is a promise...

everything is so hectic nowadays...like i complained previously on all my other posts, work seem to be piling up...another audit due meaning on site workin again...meaning not in d office for the whole week...i think stephen's gettin tired of it as well...he saw me giving him a look and he said 'i know.. i'm sorry but we'll get it done quickly'..it's those kinda lil things dat makes me like him...eventho he give's me hell wit all the crap of work that he gives me...he can be irritating at times (it's usually to others, i get on fine wit him to be honest, i know when to approach him n when to be back down, well u learn to adapt i guess)but he's a sound guy...

other than the audit, there's also the packing activities...gawd, i have so much junk...well, i am a messy rat in the first place so no surprise there wit the junk...on another note i finally found my pumps dat i bought in m & s which i had thot i had mistakenly threw away... :p ... yes, yes cik et..i can juz hear u naggin away... :p

next week barry's comin back..i think out of all the ppl in the office, i would be d happiest next week...i could just kiss him when i see him...seriously, am relieved...some workload would be off my shoulders when he gets back...fantastic!!

my study leave are already sorted out..i'm gettin a week off before exams...am so happy bout dat too...i was worried dat i wouldn't be gettin any study leave n hv to take days out off my annual leave...but now dats sorted am so glad..

next on the agenda is the actual mving out day...owh and the london trip!!!


  1. r u sure there's no other new shoes hiding somewhere?;p

  2. nope..nope..am pretty sure everythings cleared out *fingerscrossed*..lenkali nk buat lagi lah..mcm treasure hunt plak rase.. :p

  3. ada...u going to london when? i'll be arriving in London on May 15th, InsyaAllah. will u be there still?