Apologies for not updating for quite some time..work has been hectic plus just wasn't in a blogging mood (meanin' dat i had no idea on wat to blog!)..plus an alien kinda in a way forced me to update d blog

why is it dat the work always comes in a dumpload during the time when classes are on...haish, how to concentrate on classes like this (yea rite!)

well am taking two papers this time...and hopefully i pass both...i just hope dat i manage to get both of d subject under my belt by the time exams come...

one thing about one of my class i.e the P3 class, its a really small class wit only 10 ppl n the lecturer is one of those lecturer who would remember ur name..in conclusion, i can't miss class n have to at least attempt to do homeworks..hah!

an am so glad that barry would be back in the next two weeks...at least dats a few workloads off d shoulder..

i've loads off things planned in d next few weeks...first up would be the house moving with my hsemate...yes,yes, we are finally moving out of portobello..so we won't be known as the porto gurls after this..take note people!

can't wait to move really..it kinda feels as if am startin anew...god there's been so many changes in my life since entering 2008 dat it feels so overwhelming...sumtimes in a good way..but sumtimes in a way dat makes u wanna crawl into bed n never get up..but am taking things in a stride..one thing at a time..

after the move then its a weekend getaway wit the bestest of the bestest frenz anyone could have...we are gonna have such a blast there!

after that mama's comin' down n i hope dat this time she makes it n dun have to reschedule her flight anymore..can't wait to see my mama..hv been homesick terribly these past few months...n gettin to see my mom, hug her and spend a couple of days wit her would be such a relief...

then if he decides to, pitt said dat he would be comin down as well...so i'll b meeting up wit him...

after dat corse we have d exams around d corner..gosh, time really flies by...i really need to get my act together when it comes to studying...but then i say dat all the time...dun i, et?!!

alrite..dats it..i've ran out of ideas on wat to blog...till d next time et updates her blog then! :p


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