I miss you....

I miss my dad...

I realized that after 5 years this is one time where i really feel lost without him...

I realized that all these while I've kept myself preoccupied wit other things just so dat I wont think and miss him dat much...

But now since I dont have other things to focus on and keep me busy..and frankly, i'm juz too tired to find things to keep myself occupied...

I miss being able to call him up whenever sumthing is wrong...i miss him being proud of me whenever i achieve sumthing no matter how small the achievement is...i miss the smell of him...i miss seeing him smile..i miss it when he tries to make jokes just to make me laugh...i miss him scolding me whenever i stray and do wrong things...i miss hugging him and sleeping beside him...i miss it when he always gets me to give him a massage, brush his back or play with his hair just so that he can sleep...

I miss having my daddy around...

I miss having a father....

Why did it have to be you....


  1. Ada, u were crying when I called last Thurs is it? when you said u were sleeping??
    sheesshh...suke nak nanges2 sambil tido.

    if it's any consolation, u can cry at my little pinky pillow,absorbed water very well ;P

    and i know u heard this many times, tapi dah takdir ur daddy.
    kita doakan je utk dia ok?

    ok2..u can cry at Spongebob also (havent try that one yet, could be better than pinky pillow)
    Nad left it for a reason.huhu.

    ok i'm really bad at consoling ppl, i'm going to stop now.
    but next time jgn simpan sorang2 ok, if u need someone to talk or a shoulder to cry on,i'm here :)
    (geez, that's a lil cheesy but i meant it)

  2. thanx et..dat means a lot...n as bad as u r at consoling ppl( awak je assume ok jer kami rase)..i'm even worst at expressing myself in person..but knowing dat there's a shoulder to cry on helps a lot..

    kumowo and saranghae...xoxoxo

  3. kalauu mahu tumpang bahu saye pon buleh ;)

    *sambil menepuk2 bahu sendiri*