I once asked sumone wat his ultimate goal was in life..n he said dat it was to be successful and happy, but most definitely happy..

i think dat to every person, dat would be d ultimate goal in life..to be happy with our life..but just exactly how do we get this so-called happiness??

wat defines happiness...would we be able to recognize this happiness..would we be able to hold on to it once we get it..or would it just come into ur life and suddenly flit away leaving u behind without a clue on wat to do next...

tell me my friends, wat does happiness means to u? r u happy now? how did u happen to be happy? will it last?

fill me in....


  1. et percaye;
    if u are content with ur life, u will be happy.
    if u always feel discontentment, thats mean u have high expectations.

    so, less expectation=more content=happy yippeyy
    (not saying high expectation is bad, but should be realistic at the least)

    hanye pendapat 2 sen guwe :)

    but then again, we r living in the world full of expectations where ppl always watch ur next step..(feeling Lauren The Hills guwe neh)

    what can i say,cest la vie my dear..
    (sile pasang lagu it's only life kuat2 sambil makan pisang)

    alamak,rumusan telebeh patah perkataan daa.cekgu jgn potong markah ye.

  2. mynn menaburkan 5cents nye (5 cents je mampu deyy..) :

    think i should agree with what et said. if a person's heart is content, i think he/she is a happy person.

    it also depends on what is it that'll make that person happy. because sometimes, a person can be happy with all the material possesions he/she can have, or not. it all depends on how each person defines their terms of happiness.

    in some cases - some people might think that they're happy. but deep inside..you can never tell.

    ok, i think my oppinion just made this entry sounds more complicated. no?