The concert of a Gentleman...

OH MY GOD!! Neyo is just so sexy i tell ya...n that cheeky smile *drools*

I would do anything to get a guy dat sexy,who can sing his heart out and dance so smoothly...

It was a great concert tho..we were like a bunch of giggling giddy kids whenever he did sumthing sexy or cute..and god did we scream or what...and i was even surprised wit Cik Et..she was totally into him...one thing dat got me laughing one time during the concert was when he asked the audience 'has anyone ever been in love?' and the girl sitting beside me screamed back 'YESSSSSSS!!!with UUUUU!!!' haha..dat was class..guess who guys :P am sure u know..

c dat cheeky smile..how can u not fall for dat..

singing his heart out..

dancers were defo sexy..

aahhh..so cute..

owh and on a totally random note..i'll be going home on the 22nd of October...

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