A trip to Greece

Lots has happened since i last updated...exams are over n done with..i hope i get it this time..insyaallah...after that it was a whole week of vacay wit cik et and ma *toot* izwan..lebiu izwan :P it was great! 2 days in athens 5 days in zakynthos, d 3rd biggest Ionian island...

Athens was truly awesome..i have to admit, am glad dat Izwan insisted that we go there coz I'd have to say for me personally that was the highlight of the trip..but man was it scorching hot there!! it beats Malaysia i tell u...i guess it was d fact that unlike home they dont really have loads of greens around..

The island Zakynthos itself was gorgeous!!!sandy beaches...clear blue water..and i really mean clear totally clear blue water...loads of ppl tanning topless etc etc..rite afiq, wipe that drool off..if u dun act like a fool i mite just show u a pic :P hah!! yea rite! u wish...we did wuteva we could there..we went on an allround island cruise,we went on a tour to the neighbouring island and corse swimming at the beach..

Here's a few pics fr the trip (sum of u mite want to skip this since am uploading d pics bcoz my dear sis just doesnt check out Facebook dat much) :

Gawd..my mind is drawing a blank on the names ere..but apparently concerts ahs been done ere before bcoz of the surround effect..think Pavarotti sang here too..

The neighbouring island..eh chup??wats the name Et??

The Blue Caves

the boat that we took for the island cruise

The beach

Kalamaki Beach

The Parthenon

At the Temple of Zeus

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  1. oiiii!!!where's the topless greece chicks?!damn you!!!