.......blame ........

I know this happened awhile back..but i guess i can still feel the sting of it...

I received a phone call the last few weeks when i went to the course..it was early in the morning and the number was partially displayed..i recognized it immediately, coz des would call me a few times before to chat..

This time it was different though, coz he was annoyed...he's annoyed that his ex called him up n was raving mad at him....apparently, someone claiming to be a fren of mine got hold of his ex on FB..n she started to spill the beans to the ex about me n des, also about des's plan to come down for a visit n how des was such a jerk to me bla bla bla...

one sentence is all i can say..'wat the f**k?!!' why r u gettin annoyed at me for?? coz i defo did not do it..n i defo noe that none of my frens would do it too..takde keje kot nak menyebok buat benda tak berfaedah cam tue kot...n why d hell is she getting worked up for??u guys ended things awhile back anyways n have nuthin goin on anymore (am takin ur word for it, u could be lying through ur ass as far as i know) so what is she getting worked up for??

if u want to blame sumone, dun blame the person who is halfway across d world n have already washed her hands of u n ur problems..gila apa..

ok dah..lepaih geram dah.. :)