.....current obsession.....

Usually when i go into a k-pop frenzy phase..Et would always be around to hear me ramble on non-stop about them..plus she'd always join in when I start watching the K-Variety shows...then both of us (sumtimes including syah) would be laughing like crazy over those shows..best tau tgk..release stress..skarang dh tinggal sorang, so gelak la sorang2 tgk cite2 nie..kadang2 rasa cam diri sendiri gile plak... Anyways, Et..here's my current obession..short but so kiyopta...plus the american *drools*... I loved his cover of Best I Ever Had...Watcha Say, not so much though.. Owh n Et, check out the variety show Idol Army Season 3 feat 2pm..kelakar gile la dia nie Et..comel sgt... Ok here's some of his clips that I liked..

and here's another...comel sgt when he got embarrassed..

ok, spazzing mode on jay park over...aaahhh kiyopta!!


  1. hahahaaa..klaka2!!!

    this reminds me of brian joo!! and eric.ok maybe not eric.sbb eric too manly this is a bit boyish.
    but u know, same effect.haha!!!k nnt kami tgk bile free :P

  2. kan?..klaka giler..n yes, he's kinda like brian joo...hhmm, probly sum kind of a korean-american thing...