my weekend was packed with driving..had to drive back to penang on fri nite... then had to drive from penang to kuala nerang and vice versa the next day for a frens wedding... then back to putrajaya on sunday...so i cant wait for my hols to Bandung to release my stress...go to a spa n have someone massage away all the stress..*grins from ear to ear*

Well, anyways, went to Wan's wedding..but this was on the grooms side..we couldnt go to hers since it was in Golok...mcm jauh sgt nak pegi plus, nak kena cari accom lagi .. n i also dont know the way..so Kuala Nerang, seemed to be the safest option...

I only just knew Wan for more than 6 months now...she's one of my colleagues at the office..but I have to say I liked my batch n how we kinda got real close over the past 6 months...its funny how friendships can bloom out of the most unexpected situations and people..actually, i know some people think its odd that we are close (which i find weird really)..e.g. like my bro (sorry afiq, it has to be said :P)
I guess coz people think i am the way i am, n i dress the way i do so my frens should be the same??? But honestly, I think they are great and amazing...n the fact that I dont have to pretend around them and I can be myself and they accept who I am makes it the more better...

p.s : posing bajet ayu habis.. :P ayu tak??*u guys better say yes*

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