Booti Booti Hill Hiking Trail and Seal Rocks

 The starting point of the Booti Booti Hill Hiking Trail

 Seaside view of the hiking trail.Which of course is spoilt by the classic asian pose :P

 Lakeside view of the walking trail

 Made a pit stop at Seal Rocks
One of the activities that my husband and I love to do is going on trailwalks. Last Monday we decided to go to Forster and check out the trailwalks available there.

We decided to do the Booti Booti Hill Hiking Trail which we thought would be a good walk as it was classified as moderate and steep. We were definitely satisfied with out choice.

We started out the walk on the seaside view. This part of the walk was a good walk as it left as slightly out of breath with its steepness. Ducking and dodging the branches and leaves. However, since it was on the side of the sea, there was a cool breeze constantly. The view itself was breathtaking. We decided to have lunch at the hillside and enjoy the view at the same time.

The walk on the lakeside view on the other hand was easier as it is on a flat terrain, but its the view that makes it all worthwhile. The calmness of the lake and the clear waters.

Suffice to say, we both enjoyed the trailwalk. One our way back home we decided to make a pit stop at Seal Rocks and check out the beach. Both husband and I were hoping for a lot more but we were left slightly disappointed because when we went there, the waters were not blue and clear. I think this was more due to the seaweeds that was washing up ashore. I think that if the seaweeds didn't spoil my views of it, it would have been a wonderful place to go as there aren't many people around making it a peaceful beach.

All in all, it was a good Monday for me :)

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