Structured Satchel

Whenever I go to the thrift shop, I keep being drawn to this bag. I don't know why I did not get it initially, but whenever I go thrifting, I keep going back to it, checking it out and yet putting it back on the shelf.

Finally, I just decided to get it. I might as well if I keep on checking it out everytime I go to the thrift shop. I think what drew me to this bag is the structured shape. It has such a classy feel and a 60's look. It's one of those pieces that you won't think of as being nice or pretty but the more you look at it the more drawn you are to it. That was my case, most definitely!

I am also loving this high waisted blue jeans which I got from Sportsgirl. It is really comfortable. The only other highwaisted jeans I have are the ones from Topshop, and I thought that I would not find anything as nice and comfy. However, this one seems at par with it. Plus, I got it on crazy sale!

Top : Thrifted , Jeans : Sportsgirl , Necklace : Lovisa , Heels : Therapy , Bag : Thrifted

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