Valentines Day Wishlist

Valentines Day Wishlist

Valentines Day Wishlist by adaahyaudin featuring Diptyque

Its February, which means Valentines Day is just around the corner. My husband and I don't really make a fuss out of it. I guess that is just the way we are. I'm guessing we would probably end up having an extra nice dinner and just cuddle up to watch a movie. Anyways, I still thought it would be fun to do a Valentine's Day wishlist. This is purely just for fun but who knows maybe somewhere down the line I might just get my hands on them. (and I'm pretty sure it would be a reaaalllyy long line!)
Coach Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather
I have never really been drawn to a Coach bag. I just did not like their previous style. However, I had to make an exception with the Borough Bag. I just loved the simplicity of the design. Having it in Pebbled Leather just gives it an extra oompph. Even more so when it is in a beautiful shade of moss green.

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady
I do not have a leather watch currently in my watch collection. If I were to get one, it would be this. The design is such a classic design, one that would never go out of style.

Navy Faux Leather Pencil Skirt
My hunt is not yet over. Obviously I can't afford a Burberry skirt. I probably won't spend that amount of money on a skirt anyways. But that is the general idea/look that I am going for. To find a faux leather pencil skirt. Been dying to get one since I saw Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup wearing it. Perfect for when the cold weather kicks in! (not that it's coming any time soon, but I like to be prepared :p)

Bobbi Brown Smokey Warm Eye Palette
I tend to keep my makeup on the simple and earthy look. I don't have a huge makeup collection. When I put on makeup, I usually reach for my 'regular' items. I thought that this palette was perfect. It has all I would need for a nude look, a no-makeup makeup look or as the palette says, a smokey eye look.

Philosykos EDP
I am picky when it comes to perfume. Number 1 - choose wrongly and I would end up having a headache the whole day. Number 2 - choose wrongly and my husband would end up having a headache the whole day. To keep it safe, I tend to go for fresh scents. I got a whiff of this at Mecca Cosmetica. I loved it. It was fresh but not without being too 'in your face' kinda fresh. 

Tell me, what is on your Valentines Day Wishlist?


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  1. I wouldn't refuse this watch if someone gave me one.