Weekend Wardrobe #5 : Cropped Denim + Loafers

I was such a scatterbrain yesterday. We went out and I totally forgot to shoot my outfit for the day. Ended up taking pictures on our balcony instead!
I last wore these loafers during my trip to Melbourne. Before this, I somehow chucked it in the shoe closet and left it there. Wearing it during my trip rekindled my love for this loafers. Granted I probably would not wear them for doing long walks because it can leave blisters. However, for the mall, this loafers would be perfect. Plus, it just goes with pretty much everything.

The denim cropped jacket was an extra addition to the outfit. It was warm and sunny in Newcastle yesterday, but I knew I just had to bring the jacket along since we were heading to the mall. Those shopping centres sometimes blast on the airconditioning!

 Dress : Urban Outfitters , Shoes : Charles & Keith , 
Earrings : Lovisa , Jacket : Thrifted

p.s : Since you made it to the end of the post, here's a bonus pic of me attempting to do the Happy dance Pharrell did in his Happy video! Mmmm..yea it doesn't look the same and it hurt my heels :p

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