Thrift Haul 2014 #5

I didn't do as much thrifting this year as I thought I would. Maybe next year I'll get more chances to go. But I think this thrift haul was a nice end to my thrift hauls for the year. This time I didn't look around the clothes sections, but rummaged through the knick knacks and furniture section.

I've been wanting to get some mason jar glasses for some time now. I saw them at a store in Marketown for about $30. Salvos sometimes get year end stocks from shops, and this time around they had a bunch of stock for mason jars and mason jar glasses. A pack of 4 is a tenner which I think was ok. They also had milk bottles in a milk rack which was just so cute. But I decided to go with the mason jar glasses instead.

Being an asian household, we love our spices. Most of our spices are stored in plastic containers which doesn't look too appealing. I've already replaced a few with the mason jars but I'll probably be making another trip for more.

Hope you enjoy the video and leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite thrift find is.

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