Weekend Wardrobe #53 : Soiree

Unlike the statement on the tee, I went grocery shopping instead! Hahaha. Now that is my kind of a soiree.
This outfit was meant to be simple and comfortable considering the activity planned. And nothing says simple and comfy than a t-shirt and jeans.

This outfit is also evidence to to my ASOS addiction. I am decked out in items mostly bought from ASOS! Seriously, there is just something about that online shop that lures me in all the time. Fortunately, my husband helps keep me in check with my online shopping. I swear, that guy knows every little item in my wardrobe. Nothing goes past him, not even a necklace, without him pointing out that the item is new. :P

Top : ASOS (Link) , Jeans : ASOS Ridley Jeans (Link) , Bag : Pieces from ASOS (Link) , Sandals : Birkenstock 'Gizeh' , Watch : Casio (Link) , Earrings : Glebe Market

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